Ecotek Product Test Data

PowerBoost for a trouble free de-coke.

CB-26P for performance with economy.

Ecotek 100 the performance pack for oil.

Test Data


All Ecotek products have been subjected to the most stringent testing and
full details are available from this site.

The most comprehensive documentation is available as a download - this includes independent testing from Prodrive and Datron at Millbrook as well as tests by Motoring Journalists and independent experts and these can be downloaded here, each are approx 10meg and are in PDF format - click these links to download: CB-26P and PowerBoostFree Adobe PDF Reader

The files are large so you will probably need Broadband and you will need a PDF reader which can be downloaded free by clicking this icon on the right:



Before and after Dynos as well as a comprehensive consumer survey from 80 independent motorists are available from the download - this also includes a very thorough test by Car Mechanics Magazine and the CSMA - both of which produced some startling results

PowerBoost performance improvementsThis is one of the Dynos from the CSMA PowerBoost tests where they said:

"For a 20 minute treatment costing £20, that virtually any motorist can do themselves, these are extraordinary improvements – as Richard Ford himself said “it was an excellent car before the Ecotek test but now it’s even smoother. It responds better, drives quicker and now has no flat spots – Ecotek PowerBoost is absolutely brilliant!”

The tests not only prove that considerable improvements can be made in power (max BHP) but the Torque curves have also been improved and flat spots removed.

In the trade GDi engines - noted for carbonised inlet valves (not washed by petrol flow due to internal injection) - are cured of excessive tappet noise by the removal of carbon from valves that have been coated beyond the level catered for by automatic adjustment.

Even motorcycles - FAST BIKES said:

"PowerBoost is highly recommended. It delivered some of the best power and running gains of the day for just £20 per bike. A winner. £13 per bhp! If it works this well on thrashed engines, just imagine what it can do if you commute on your bike."

Full Test Data PDF Download - Click here

CB-26PCB-26P performance improvements

Acceleration improvements were scientifically  measured using a microSat R20-102 accurate to 0.1/1600 kms. Full Power Dyno runs are pointless when measuring the CB-26 performance gains as the device shuts off at full throttle.

The benefits arise from throttle variation due to the off throttle turbulence generated by the CB-26P device and the dramatic improvements this causes in engine response.

The Datron Tests concluded: "It is clearly established by an analysis of the data that the device improved the performance of all three cars during the test."

The acceleration tests were done from 10 mph to 85 mph (to remove operator input affecting a standing start). Benefits were as much as 8 car lengths at 70 mph!

The Datron tester described the test cars as "more urgent and responsive" with the device fitted.

Further Tests at the Prodrive Laboratory concluded: "The addition of the Ecotek CB-26P device to these three vehicles saw a reduction in both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in all cases".

Full Test data including Datron at Millbrook and Prodrive Laboratories - Click here


Ecotek 100

The Technology utilised in Ecotek 100, when blended into a range of fully formulated engine oils, has performed as follows:

API tests (American Petroleum Institute) SL/CF Engine test summary; Pass: Sequence IIIF; Sequence IV-A; Sequence VG; Sequence VIII; Cat 1M-PC

ACEA tests (Association des Constructeurs Européens d' Automobiles- European Automobile Manufacturers Association): Pass: TU5-JP; TU3-MS; XUD11-BTE; M111SL; OM602A; VWICTD; VW TDI and Sequence VG.

These include OEM tests: Mercedes Benz 229.1 and 229.3; Volkswagen 50200/50500; Peugeot TU5 High Temperature; Volkswagen Turbo Diesel and Intercooled; BMW Longlife 98; Mercedes Benz M111E Fuel Economy.

These tests represent the latest and most exacting tests for any high performance oil.

Please note the additives in Ecotek 100 are designed to last for 30,000 kms in a fully formulated oil, though no responsibility can be taken for the quality of any oil to which Ecotek 100 is added.

Full specification - Click here