• Performance - products that improve throttle response and acceleration as well as improving emissions and efficiency.

  • Economy - if your engine is more efficient then you use less energy - a lower carbon footprint with lower costs.

  • Protection - oil is the life blood of your engine and if you want the best then add Ecotek 100 as an oil life extender.

  • Maintenance - your engine wont last forever and needs to be well maintained to last, with poor quality petrol and stop start motoring you need PowerBoost

  • DIY all Ecotek products can be fitted or applied by a competent amateur mechanic or by your local garage.

  • Available - a chain of Nationwide Suppliers and a comprehensive on-line shop on this site give you access to the product range at competitive prices.

  • Support - full customer and trade support through our Help Line on 0700 340 1451 and via email as well as comprehensive instructions on this site.

  • Guaranteed  - all products carry a full money back satisfaction warranty as well as a replacement quality guarantee.

  • Tested - all products have been scientifically proven and tested to the most stringent standards with results available on this site.



What they do..

  • PowerBoost - De-coke in a can that will give more engine power, smoother running, crisper acceleration, better throttle response, higher top speed, reduced emissions and improved economy.

  • CB-26P - fitted to a vacuum line on petrol engines this amazing device can dramatically improve throttle response as well as improving fuel economy and emissions.

  • Ecotek 100 - Extend your oil life by adding this to your existing oil - if you want your car to last longer and still perform at its best you need the very best molecular engineering!

Ecotek Products


The Ecotek product range is designed to provide enthusiasts with low cost solutions to expensive problems of performance, maintenance and economy. For example:



 Rather than strip down your engine to de-coke the combustion chambers all you need to do is apply the Ecotek PowerBoost foam via your air intake with the engine running for 8 minutes and you can remove the carbon and varnish deposits from inside your engine


The remarkable CB-26P performance and economy enhancer is proven to provide petrol engined cars with improved performance, acceleration and throttle response accompanied by additional fuel and emission savings.


Extends oil life by providing ALL the anti-wear, anti-oxidant, detergent, dispersant and viscosity modifiers any oil needs. Designed to exceed the highest standards for high performance synthetic engine oil.

Ecotek 100

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