Ecotek 100

What is it?

Ecotek 100 is a high quality concentrate of ALL the active ingredients used in the HIGHEST available grade of synthetic engine oil.

It's a high performance service pack for your engine oil which will revitalize your existing oil and extend the time needed for an oil change.

Missed an oil change? Top-up with Ecotek 100 and it gives your oil a new lease of life.


High Quality Engine Oil is a complex and balanced mix of chemicals. It must contain not only anti wear chemical formulations but anti oxidants, dispersants, detergents and viscosity modifiers to provide complete high performance protection under all operating conditions.

Even the best balanced engine oils will deteriorate with use, the long chain polymers and other chemicals begin to break down and, as the oil gets dirty, the dispersants and detergents become less effective. Most particularly the viscosity modifiers that make sure the oil stays effective at all operating temperatures don’t last forever.

Highest Quality:

The contents of the Ecotek 100 1ltr. bottle provides ALL the anti-wear, anti-oxidant, detergent, dispersant and viscosity modifiers designed to fulfil or exceed the testing requirements of ACEA standards: ACEA A3, ACEA B3, ACEA B4 and API SL, API CF as well as OEM standards for Mercedes Benz 229.1 and 229.3, Volkswagen 50200/50500 and BMW Longlife 98 among others (see Technical Information), when added to 4kg of non active base oil to dilute the chemicals.

These are generally accepted as being the most demanding high performance standards for modern synthetic engine oil.

Do I need it?

If you want your car to last longer, be more reliable and perform better - yes - especially if your oil change is overdue and you use it as a top up.

If you demand the highest standards from you car you need to be sure that you give it the best protection in return.

Tested to the highest international standards - Ecotek 100 provides the very best molecular engineering for your car - for longer.


Ecotek 100 Press

Fast Ford

"Ecotek 100 is a synthetic oil additive that contains anti wear, anti oxidant, detergent and dispersant chemicals to work with standard engine oils to provide the best Protection."

Auto Express

"Aims to give your engine ultimate protection... the anti oxidants, detergents, dispersants and thickness modifiers in the Ecotek 100 help keep the lubricant clean and reduce engine wear."

Total MG

"Ecotek 100 can be used to re-vitalise engine that has covered a few miles to ensure that it's still giving optimum performance."


Max Power

"An oil additive designed to boost lubrication and extend oil life - this is especially useful with every moving part working overtime, any further friction reduction is a massive bonus."

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