On the most recent model cars the primary benefit of the CB-26P is improved performance, acceleration and throttle response -  accompanied by additional fuel and emission savings, as confirmed by the latest Prodrive tests.

For carburettor and early petrol injected cars, improvements, particularly in emissions and petrol consumption, can be dramatic. Not suitable for Diesel.

Two units are normally required for cars over 2.6 Litres


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On the majority of cars the CB-26P device works in at least two distinct ways to improve performance.

Firstly, it collapses the manifold vacuum allowing briefly for a richer mixture on the re-application of a trailing throttle - thus significantly improving throttle response.

Secondly, it creates an element of off-throttle turbulence making acceleration smoother and more urgent.


Turbulence in the inlet manifold is also known to reduce fluctuations in operating efficiency and flat spots.

This helps prevent hesitation caused by petrol vaporisation at high temperatures ,as well as the effects of performance tuning through high lift cams and competition exhaust systems.

The mapping of a number of modern engines also has a tendency to favour fuel consumption and emissions and this creates flat spots, especially through the gears.

The CB-26P is known to cure these problems and tests at Prodrive Laboratories prove that it can do this and still sustain improvements in economy and emissions.

The Difference..

On almost all modern cars the first experience you will get from the CB-26P is considerably improved throttle response - the Datron tester described the test cars as "more urgent and responsive" with the device fitted.

A graphic representation of improved acceleration determined by the recent Datron Test results is on the Test Data page - here.

Prodrive test data contained in the full Test Data download also demonstrates improvements in exhaust emissions and petrol consumption.

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Click here for the full CB-26P Tests at Prodrive and Datron, Press Tests and reviews - 10meg PDF

CB-26P Press

"An inspired technological invention easily affordable for pocket money modifiers"
Max Power